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Windstar Sailing Cruises
Casual, Activities-Oriented Cruises on Sophisticated Computerized Sailing Vessels, with Diving, Scuba, Sightseeing, Gourmet Food, Elegant but Relaxed Atmosphere, Spa & Gym,  and Attentive Personalized Service

Like Your Own Private Yacht
Windstar Cruises allow  guests the freedom to be as active or relaxed as they like. The ships exude a private-yacht atmosphere, creating camaraderie and lasting friendships between fellow sailors. In fact, with the sports options, shore excursions, and dining options, Windstar offers more than a private yacht for the approximately 150 guests on the Song, Spirit or Star, or the just over 300 guests on the Surf.
The ports are typically off the beaten path and very  picturesque

Imbued With Casual Elegance
indstar is the epitome of casual elegance. Her ambiance and attire are sophisticated, yet comfortable. This is the cruise for those who say they will never cruise. But once on board, Windstar's guests enjoy the experience so much that  Windstar has one of the highest repeat guest percentages in the cruise industry.  It is such a unique product that cruisers convince their friends to try it, too. Averaging a port a day, Windstar's guests can easily immerse themselves in new countries and cultures.

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Calendar 2004

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Calendar 2004

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Calendar 2004

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17): Sanary Sur Mer France • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): Santa Marta Columbia • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): Santorini Greece • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): Surabaya Indonesia • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): Tortuga Island Costa Rica • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): White Island New Zealand • Deluxe Cruises (1-800-845-1717): Lisbon Portugal

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